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More Grants!

Our most recent grant cycle concluded at the end of 2016. Because of you, over $90,890 in grants were awarded to support Mercy Medical Center and our local Affinity Medical Group Clinics. Mercy Medical Center received $83,348 of your donor dollars to support a variety of programs and needs at the hospital including:

  • The Fitness for the Physically Challenged program ($21,073) is designed for people with permanent physical disabilities or severe medical conditions that do not allow them to safely exercise in other types of exercise environments. The objective of this service is to provide individuals with disabilities an opportunity to improve their health, fitness level, activity tolerance and confidence in a supervised setting. This program focuses on safety and accessibility in an encouraging and positive environment. The staff assists each person in setting up an exercise program that is appropriate to the level of activity they can tolerate.
  • The Basic Needs Fund ($15,000) is a program designed to provide to the poor, homeless, under-insured, and uninsured in our area. It is used to help with transportation, clothing, medications and other needs that will aid in the healing process of our most needy patients.

Your local Affinity Medical Group Clinics received $7,540 to fund projects such as:

  • The Koeller Street Urgent Care Clinic will be able to purchase an Otoscope and an Ophthalmoscope ($3,709) to better serve patients at the clinic. An Otoscope is used to look into the ears and an ophthalmoscope is a device to look in a patients eyes. Health care providers use Otoscopes/Ophthalmoscope to screen for illness during medical visits in Urgent Care. The new scopes are brighter and give better visuals because of the brightness. The scopes are used daily in the practice and on almost every patient. Our doctors see about 50 patients per day that require the use of these devices.
  • Oakwood Pediatrics will have a playhouse for the waiting room ($588) because of your support. The playhouse will help keep the children occupied while waiting to see the doctor. Playing and being active and distracted can help with some of the stress associated with a doctor's visit.

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